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Selling your home is all about knowing the local housing market. Pricing your home correctly is crucial to maximizing the highest selling price possible. My expertise in the Grand Strand real estate market can help you can make the right choices when it comes to selling your home for the highest price possible!

Accurate Pricing Is Key

This will get as many people as possible to tour and make offers on your home, especially when you first list your home. There’s a current pool of buyers waiting for new listings to hit the market, which is why accurate pricing and staging your home properly is crucial.

Staging sells

Once we’ve determined the price, we can give you advice about the little things that you can do to stage your home to get you the highest possible price! You’d be surprised by the simple measures you can take to dress up your home to attract more qualified buyers.

Marketing Matters

My marketing plan is designed to get maximum exposure to the buyers that are currently looking, and all agents that have buyers. Through pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility, both on and offline, we can successfully sell your home to help you achieve your goals.

To Sell or Not

The decision to sell your home is influenced by many factors including the need for a smaller or larger home, relocation for employment, seeking a new neighborhood or even moving closer to the family.

Asking and answering the question of “WHY” you are selling will affect the pricing and time frame of the property you are selling.

Once the decision to sell your home is made it’s time to select your agent and discuss the specifics. What are you hoping to sell your property for? What makes your home unique versus the other homes on the market? These are just a couple of questions that need to be answered to begin the selling process.

Now we will sit down and review the current market data and build you a custom selling plan paying close attention to what you are trying to achieve.

We will look at all available market information and work together to find the appropriate price at which to list your home. My goal is to maximize your profits and work within the timeframe goal we have set.

Once the listing price is chosen and the paperwork completed it is time to prepare your home for showing. Decluttering the inside and outside of your home is key for photographs and successful walk-throughs. The “curb appeal” of your house is crucial to enticing buyers to view the inside of your home as you will only have one chance to make a good first impression!

If your home needs additional repairs, a deep clean or anything else that will aide in the selling process I have many vendors I work with closely and can recommend for any job. These fixes can make a huge difference in selling your home in the timeframe you have set and actually increase the value of your property.

Now that your home is in tip top shape we are ready to show it to the world. The first step is to have professional photographs taken which will be featured on your home’s own unique website and will also include a virtual tour video. The website will open doors to numerous social media outlets as well as hundreds of websites such as, MLS,, Zillow, and Trulia just to name a few. The internet is truly the first chance buyers will have to see your home. It is a very powerful tool.

A key element of my marketing plan is keeping my clients up to date with real time feedback from all showings. You will be notified of any buyer’s feedback and about their experience during the showing. We will take this information, discuss it and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Now that we have your home on the market and the website established the process of showing your house begins. If we are priced correctly it shouldn’t be long before we start receiving offers. Once we receive an offer we will look at it very closely, review your goals and determine if it is a suitable sale price. If the offer is not acceptable we can make a counter-offer and attempt to negotiate a deal that works in your best interest. At some point we will have an acceptable price and prepare a contract.

Once we have a buyer and an agreed upon price we will put all terms in writing and begin the closing process. Depending on the details in the contact we will coordinate with financing, home inspections, and other service providers to ensure things move smoothly and we close on time.

During the home inspection process there may be a need for more negotiation depending on what the home inspection reveals. The buyer may request items be repaired or simply want to negotiate a price reduction to offset the needed repairs. This is a normal practice and one we will work through together.

The day of closing is very exciting for both sides. The buyers will typically do a walkthrough the morning of closing ensuring the home is in the same condition as when they last viewed it and any agreed upon repairs have been successfully completed. Typically you will sign your closing documents at your attorney’s office, turn over your keys and your new journey begins.

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